Adventure H

Minimising Poor Life Choices

Human beings are fascinating creatures. We are constantly making decisions that ultimately, shape us to who we are today. Whether it's conscious, or subconscious choices, these decisions play a vital role in our everyday lives. No one wants to feel paralysed by their own decisions, we all want the ability to make choices with confidence that leave us feeling satisfied. I, myself have the tendency to make poor choices in moments where I thought I had control over, turns out I had little to no control whatsoever… This is natural human behaviour!

Deciding A Minor Choice:

This sounds easy, but from experience, it’s actually quite tricky to finalise your decision. To decide a minor choice e.g meeting friends, I suggest visualising how it would make you feel. If you feel like it’ll boost your mood, I highly recommend sticking to your ‘gut feeling’. You should also sleep on it. Getting enough sleep with allow your mind to process information at a faster rate, allowing you to stay in control of the situation. However; if you feel that you have made a poor choice, don’t feel upset about it. Minor choices are easily fixable and don’t require much thinking energy comparing to other major life decisions.

Deciding An Urgent Choice:

If you’re stuck in a situation where you need to make a fast and urgent decision, make sure the choice that you’re about to make is reversible. Having a reversible back-up plan can help you avoid a very sticky situation! Also, if you need to make a decision within a certain time limit, I recommend getting a second hand opinion from friends/family. This won’t only solidify your decision, but it will put you at ease knowing someone else had the same idea as you.

Deciding A Life Changing Decision:

Now this is where it gets tough… There are many people who take the leap of faith and become much happier with their lives. Using a pros and cons list is undoubtedly a great tool to use in situations like this. Weighing the negatives and the positives helps you stay fully in control, making decision making far more easier for you. Also, understanding and learning about your psychological behaviour plays a key role in decision making. Simply being in a great mood will not only help you decide more efficiently, but will also allow you to be the best version of yourself!


There is one thing I’ve learnt during my 23 years living on Earth is that, nothing in this life is worth rushing for. The decisions we’ve made in the past, has on some level, shaped us to who we are now. Being patient with things makes you realise that life isn’t just a race to be the greatest; it’s the journey along the way that matters the most. You need to remember that we all make mistakes as human beings, however this doesn’t necessarily mean we’re bad people; it just means we have to sit back and inhale as much time as possible to outshine ourselves. At dark times, always remember you have people in your life that care about you and are willing to help you on your journeys. There’s a lot of people that care about you a lot more than you think! Enjoy and embrace life because time only moves in one direction!