Adventure H

1 Hour Meditation Experience

Over the course of 3 days, I challenged myself to meditate for 1 hour a day to see if it would have any positive affects on me. Just before my meditation experience, I’ve read articles online that told me that 1 hour meditation has helped a lot of people become more humble and relaxed. After reading about other peoples experiences, I decided to experiment this on myself.

Day 1:

6am in the morning, sun is beaming through my curtains; mentally preparing myself for my first day of meditation. At first, my initial thought that meditating for 1 hour would be easy because I usually meditate 10-15mins a day; However, when I sat down and focused for a substantial amount of time, I realised my thoughts were wondering about in different places. I did manage to focus again, also deciding to concentrate my energy on my surroundings.

Overall my first day of my 1 hour mediation was better than I first anticipated; however I still struggled to keep my concentration for more than 20mins. After my 1 hour meditation session, I felt spiritually lighter than before. My mind was at ease and felt more present. I also heard some birds lightly chirping in a distance and some leaves rustling in my garden which made me feel more at peace.

Day 2:

I woke up on day 2 with a positive and healthy attitude, ready to start my meditation session. I had to mentally prepare myself once again in order to get into a ‘zen’ state of mind. After clearing my mind with negative thoughts, I sat down comfortably and started to meditate. I visualised myself sitting on top of a mountain with fresh crisp air flowing inside my lungs. I also imagined a ball of energy circulating around my space, slowly suffocating me with energy.

My day 2 experience went extremely well due to the fact I managed to stay focused for more than 25mins. I was actually surprised that I managed to concentrate for a long period of time, making me feel very confident for the next day to come! Day 2 was definitely a great improvement comparing to the first day of meditation. I most definitely felt more relaxed after the meditation session, also giving me a spark of motivation to accomplish goals I have yet to achieve. Overall, great day!

Day 3:

After two amazing days of 1 hour meditation, the last day wasn’t as good as I expected it to be. The reason I say this is because I noticed that I started to lose a lot concentration and my focus level wasn’t quite sharp as I wanted it to be. I did feel really hungry before meditating so that could have been a factor to why it wasn’t as good; However! Not all was bad, during the meditation I realised how hard I am on myself sometimes. I tend to fill my head with pessimistic thoughts if I get a sense of possible failure, leading me to act and think negativity.


The 3 days spent meditating has been an overwhelming experience. It has made me more humble and grateful for the things I have in my life. I’m extremely thankful for the people around me who support me daily. I’ve realised that being around positive people helps me stay consistent in what I love to do. Meditation is not just sitting down with your eyes closed, it a reflection of you as a human being. Having the ability to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses is a wonderful gift to have because it allows you to become the best version of you! If you suffer with stress and anxiety on a daily basis; I highly suggest getting into meditation because it truly does help you become the boss of your own body.

I hope you have a wonderful and blessed day. Do whatever you need to do to be happy!