Adventure H
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Mind over Matter

During the course of your life, you will encounter many difficult obstacles that may seem impossible to overcome. However, throughout my past experiences in life I have come to a sudden realisation that the only way to tackle fear is by first conquering the mind. To do so, you will need to practise this everyday to the point where you start to see a change, even if you feel demotivated.

Personally, I find meditation very helpful when I'm training my mind. Meditation allows you to focus on your breathing and helps you visualise your surroundings, whilst being in a zen state of mind. This is not an overnight remedy, you need to remember this is a practice which will take an enormous amount of time in order to master it.

I am no master myself but I can say for one thing that I am progressing each time I meditate. Start your day by changing your daily habits such as changing your usual caffeine intake (coffee) in the morning, or the time you usually wake up on a weekend. Telling your mind to do something is one thing, however taking action is another because this shows self-discipline and dedication.

As you can see in the video, I met up with a couple of mates and we went through a nice walk around central London. We also went to this decent chicken place that sells toast with their wings! Quite unique but it was different to the usual chicken meals I normally get. We ended the night with laughter and few jokes, eventually going our separate ways.

Our most memorable hour was when we all had a talk about life ambitions and how one can simply achieve success by conquering the mind. This sparked my interest to the point where I realised that each and every one of us has a different definition of the word 'success'. My definition of success is accomplishing whatever you felt impossible. My friend's idea of success is obtaining key social communication abilities because he felt like that can lead you onto exciting opportunities (which is very true!)

In conclusion, focusing on your goals and ambitions may seem extremely hard due to the circumstances you may have right now; however, turning a negative thought into a positive will allow you to see the world in a different perspective. Think about all the great people that have made an impact into society, even after decades they are still remembered. This is because they had a vision and they set out on a journey to complete it. You can do it!

(Dr. Dispenza - Voice Over)