Adventure H


Morocco (2018) was absolutely amazing! I’m originally from Casablanca but I decided to take a holiday trip to my homeland and visit Marrakech, also known as the city that never sleeps. Marrakech was filled with bright lights and wonderful people that live there.

During my time in Marrakech, I stayed at an apartment that literally had a jaw dropping view that I can probably never get over. We woke up each morning to a beautiful sunshine and air that felt absolutely heavenly! No honestly, it almost felt like I went to heaven.

There was an artistic atmosphere that I felt when I was casually strolling through the main streets. The buildings looked vintage and unique, which is where I found myself feeling most at home. You could smell fresh food almost everywhere you walked, especially the smell of the traditional cous cous dish Morocco is well known for.

Me and my friends went on exciting activities such as quad biking, hiking and casual exploration around the city. My time in Marrakech was unforgettable to say the least. We enjoyed every single second of it and are hoping to go back there very soon!